Oak Glen, California

001Just 15 miles east of San Bernardino, California, at the foot of the mountains lays the little town of Oak Glen.  A small farming community composed of several family farms selling every apple imaginable. There’s Vasquez and King David’s–apples grown only in Oak Glen; Gravenstein and Pink Pearl’s–apples no longer commercially produced; and sour Pippin apples–my favorite from childhood.  It’s apple season in California, it’s the weekend, and it’s crowded.

It’s a warm Southern California Saturday and we’re having a family day at Snowline Orchard. After purchasing hot-out-of-the-oil apple donuts and freshly pressed cider, we found a spot in the shade and watched the bagpipers and river dancers performing at the Milk and Thistle Scot Festival. When the dancers were done, we wandered through the market sampling apple slices and admiring the antiques at the back of the store.  With nothing left to do at Snowline, we headed down the mountain to the Parrish Pioneer Ranch.

004Our first stop was to snap a goofy photo of the husband and grand kids and then off to tour the recently opened Parrish House Antique store. Our real interests were in exploring the hundred years plus home, so we wandered every open room, climbed the skinny staircase to the second floor, and avoided the chatty sales girl trying to sell plastic period hats for Halloween.  While my step daughter and I escaped with our money intact, my husband and grandson exited with hats on their head and lighter pockets.


With the day getting later and a two-hour drive home, it’s time to get going down the mountain–but not before stopping at the Parrish store candy counter for freshly made chocolates (think See’s candy).  With candy bags in hand, it was time to go home. We said our goodbyes and got into the car (not this one), content to have spent the day with family wandering outside in beautiful Oak Glen.


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