Road Trip!


It’s that time again to keep my promise to take the RV out at least once a month and to get outside more. This regular old grandma, along with the hubby and grandson, are off to Casper’s Wilderness Park in San Juan Capistrano for a few days of hiking, camping, and marshmallow roasting.

Casper’s is an 8,000 acre wilderness preserve nestled in the Santa Ana Mountains in Southern California. A wooded park, the website boasts of groves of native Coastal Live Oak and California Sycamore, seasonal wildflowers, running streams and abundant wildlife.

The first three sound very enticing, but I’ll pass on the “abundant wildlife.” Any way, it’s time to wake the hub up and pick up the grandson and RV and head out.  The camera’s charged, the hiking shoes are packed, and this regular old grandma is out of here.

Photos and adventures to follow………………………