Schabarum Regional Park, Rowland Heights, California

DSCN2311A wonderful hike among the hills last week at Schabarum Regional Park in Rowland Heights, California.  Schabarum backs up to the Puente Hills Land Preserve offering miles of additional trails to explore after you finish with the park.  There is not a lot of shade and nowhere but the dirt to sit and rest.


All trails go up for the most part, but the view from the top is inspiring.  It’s springtime in California and the hills are covered in yellow wild flowers.  There is company on the trails, but not too many to make it overcrowded.



I took a right and wandered down a shady service road, appreciating the trees and desolation.  The remaining trails steeply go up and after a few miles of climbing, these old legs have had enough.  At the end of the service road lay another hill so I turned around and headed back to the park trail.


After coming back from the hills, I decided to finish up the second half of the Schabarum trail loop.  My car was parked up front by the entrance and a trail beats a parking lot walk any day.


You know it’s spring in Southern California when the hills are covered in yellow.  I hum a little of the Cold Play song, “Yellow” as I sip my water and keep on walking.


A sad reminder that your still in the city

Like most metropolitan cities, Los Angeles County has its share of taggers.  It saddens me that people have such disregard for our public lands.  With such little open green space in the area, it a shame that some folk feel okay with desecrating the little bit of land we have in the city.


Every trail went up!

Too tired to go up anymore and passed on this trail.  Eat a good breakfast, lunch, etc., and bring lots of water and snacks to keep your energy up.  It was a good work out for this weekday cubicle dweller.


One of the high points of the trail.  Across the park are some lovely homes sitting up on the hills.  If you look to the left your reminded that you’re still in the city with a view of industrial buildings, malls, and track homes. This was my reward for climbing up all the hills. Time to go down and back home.

Although it was hilly, I enjoyed this park. I’ve visited Schabarum before, but never got the chance to hike its trails. I recommend going early while it’s cool –there’s not a lot of shade and when summer rolls in the afternoons will be quite uncomfortably warm. Happy trails!