El Dorodo Park Via the San Gabriel River Trail Way

Last weekend I headed out early to beat the heat wave Southern California was experiencing.  With the temps predicted to hit 100 degrees, I wanted to walk as early  as possible and avoid the heat.  Unfortunately the gates of my favorite park don’t open until 8:00 a.m., so I parked at the Town Center Mall and took the San Gabriel River Trail (SGRT) to the park’s unlocked back entrance.


The SGRT is a concreted river running from the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.  It’s often called a flood channel or river bed.  Believe it or not, this was a real river at one time until concreted in the 50s.


To the left of the river was a grove of trees and free-growing grasses.   If I could have, I would have jumped the fence and walked the dirt path.  Although great for bicyclist, the asphalt path is hard on the feet.


I guess I wasn’t the only one with an idea to beat the heat.  The city stocks the lakes and there is always a few poles around the lake.


Just a pretty bridge connecting me to the far side of the lake.


A Great Blue Heron on the move.


The park offers boat and paddle boat rentals on the weekend.


Gratitude for cities that recognize the importance and need for green, open spaces. Time to head home.



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