On the Road Again!

Hitting the road for a couple of days in the Sonata for some fun and relaxation at the Lookout Lodge in Tombstone, Arizona; and an overnighter on the way home in Tucson to explore the Saguaro National Park.  Extra camera batteries–check!  Manual, charger–check, check! Now if I could only find my tripod. Looking forward to a spirited time in Tombstone and a cactus lined sunset in Tucson.  Put me on the highway…………….


Return to Salton Sea

The husband, grandson, and I returned to Salton Sea State Park this week for a couple of days of rest and relaxation.  I tuned out the trains and the stink and enjoyed a shimmering pink sunset our first day in.


Unfortunately, in the rush to pack I forgot to charge my battery or bring my charger, so this was one of the few shots I snapped before the camera shut off  “battery exhausted.”

I think a check off list for grandma is in order next time.  Oh well, live and learn.  We brought the bikes this time and the grandson and I spent the day zipping around the park roads and the nights roasting marshmallows and stargazing.

I sure enjoy visiting Salton Sea.  It’s an oddity of desolation and emptiness–but boy check out those sunsets!