Tombstone and Tucson

Known as the town too tough to die, Tombstone is a touristy, old western boomtown in southern Arizona notorious for the OK Corral shootout.  It’s one of my husbands favorite places to visit and a stop over is always required when visiting southern AZ.


Of course no visit is complete without touring “the wildest, wickedest night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast,” known as the Birdcage Theatre. Just remember, all respectable women stay on the north side of Allen Street.


Viewing the results of the OK Corral shootout at Boot Hill Cemetery. “You tell ’em I’M coming… and Hell’s coming with me, you hear?” – Wyatt Earp, Tombstone, 1993.


Tombstone is a little hokey but historical and a fun town worth a day’s stay.   Next, we’re off to Saguaro National Park and an overnighter in Tucson.


Commonly used to convey a sense of the Southwest, the Saguaro cactus is a native to the Sonoran desert. After leaving Tombstone, we detoured to Saguaro National Park East for an 8-mile auto tour through this quiet, obscure national park just outside of Tucson.


Saguaro’s have a really long life span for a cactus. Did you know that by the time they grow their first “arm” they can be 75-100 years old? We saw quite a few old timer’s through out the park.


Besides the auto tour, there are a great deal of hiking trails to sample throughout the park.  Our last stop was Javelina and a pause for sunset.


Southern Arizona is well-known for magnificent sunsets and of course I had to snap my share. Night fall was stunning and 100 plus photos later I returned to the car to exit the park (it closes at sunset).