Day Hiking in Pfeiffer Big Sur, CA

Blessed with a 4-day weekend, the husband and I set out last Friday morning en route to the coast and a grove of redwoods. After two hours of brake lights and stop-and-go driving on Interstate 5, we managed to escape L.A. and make it over the Grapevine to freedom.  Yay!

From Interstate 5, we cut across Highway 46 through well-watered green pastoral hills of grapes and vineyard tasting rooms to the coastal city of Cambria. For James Dean fans, this is the highway where he crashed “Little Bastard” and lost his life.

After hours of very windy roads, but beautiful views, we pulled into the Big Sur Lodge just in time for dinner.  The lodge is located on the ‘skirts of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, ideal for a grandma with a desire to hike among the redwoods.


On the road to the cabin–Big Sur Lodge

With no TV, internet, phone service, or alarm clocks in the room, my time in Big Sur was spent hiking, exploring, hand-holding and wandering along the Big Sur river with the mister.  Total relaxation and connecting with mama nature.


Buzzards Roost Trail along the Big Sur River

Since the hubby can’t hike (COPD), I set out each morning in search of a trail.  I chose the Valley View/Pfeiffer Falls trail based on the rating:  easy, 2 miles round trip.  Sounds do-able for a grandma who walks 2-3 miles at home each weekend.  Mmm-hmmm.

The first, of many, set of stairs going up.

The first, of many, set of stairs going up.

First of all, make sure you eat breakfast–you will be burning a lot of calories and energy climbing up, up, up–and bring lots of water.  The weather was Southern California gorgeous, temperatures in the 80s.


Pfeiffer Falls

Not much water at the fall, courtesy of the California drought, I’m sure.  But, it’s a lovely, cool spot to rest and have a snack before heading back up (and up, and up) to the Valley View trail.


At the top of the Valley View

That’s Highway 1 down there!  There’s a lovely little park bench on the edge of the view, perfect for a snack and a rest.  The trail dead ends here so it’s time to turn around.  The lovely thing is that it’s all down hill–yay!


Wi-Fi found here!

Let me end my post with a funny story about three young ladies I walked behind on the nature trail.  Upon approaching this sign, one of the girls enthusiastically shouted, “Look, they have wi-fi!”  The area has no internet services so imagine her teen-age disappointment upon finding out its true meaning.  Upon passing the redwood-benched amphitheater, another girls asks, “What do they do here?”  Her co-walker answered, “They show movies and stuff, I think.”  I just smiled.



The Coast is Calling and I Must Go

This regular old grandma has been all work and no play lately.  I’ve got the public service cubicle blues and I need to get my nature on.  Fortunately, I have four days off this Valentine weekend so the hubby and I are off to Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park on the central coast of California for some well-deserved R & R. Yay! We’ll be staying at the lodge inside the park with plenty of hiking trails at our doorstep.  No TV, no internet, no cell service, just some awesome coastal views, redwood forests, waterfalls and a little strolling on the beach. Awesome photos to follow. Counting down the hours…………..