In Search of Vortexes and Lost Civilizations

Hello!  It’s been too long……..still purging, packing and preparing for our move to Arizona.  Dealing with twenty plus years of accumulated stuff is exhausting. I’m seriously considering becoming a minimalist once this is finished.

Although we put our wanderings on hold, we took the opportunity to take a side trip to Sedona while in town checking on our new home. You just can’t keep this regular grandma indoors for too long! I’ve always wanted to explore the vortex areas of Sedona, so a day trip to Boynton Canyon and Bell Rock was on the agenda.


Loving the view on the way to the Vista trail. Nothing represents freedom to me more than the wide open spaces of untouched lands.  No structures and miles of blue skies, left silently open and as originally created …..


We made it to the base of Kachina woman.  Although the vortex is said to be up higher, we felt energy pulsating through our hands as we rested by several twisted junipers at the base of this lady.


Last stop Bell Rock.  Energy is supposed to be felt in the parking area.  I really didn’t feel much, but could it be because I was distracted with photographing the weird cloud formations below? Didn’t get to try the trail, next time!


We had hit heavy rain coming in which thankfully cleared in time for our hikes.  The sky over Bell Rock caught my attention as the pending rain clouds rolled in and out over the sun.


We missed this national monument the last time around thanks to the government shut down. Constructed around 1100 and vacated in 1400, “Montezuma’s Castle” is an interesting, ancient preserved Sinagua cliff dwellings located outside Camp Verde, AZ.

Well it won’t be long until we’re in Arizona permanently.  Can’t wait to explore everything this state has to offer. Until next time, happy wanderings!