Through the “Crack” and Back – SARA Park

Since moving to Lake Havasu, I’ve been eager to check out the trails at SARA park.  An 1,100-acre park on the outskirts of town, just off of Highway 95, SARA park offers a wide range of activities, including a variety of color-coded hiking trails.

I was a little concerned about hiking solo on my first visit (more like my hubby was).  Five miles roundtrip into an unfamiliar desert was more than this newly recovered cubicle dweller was used to hiking.  So I confirmed the safety of the park with local solo adventurer Kristen, and set out last Wednesday morning to discover the trails.


After careful deliberation, I let my adventurous self choose the Yellow trail and set off in search of the crack in the wall.  The trail is quite nice in the beginning–a shady, casual, sandy wash walk–and then you get to the crack area.

DSCN4578 (2016_01_28 19_47_06 UTC)

Climbing, rock hopping, plummeting, and “hiny-sliding” are just a few of the skills I put into place to get through the crack.  Never have I been so grateful for a slightly wider behind to use as a wedge to slow myself down.  The worst part for me was the 10 foot drop-off. Thank goodness their were no witnesses to my clumsy, but quite hilarious, decent to the bottom.  Bless the person who installed the rope, I made it out alive!



The remainder of the yellow trail was pretty easy to walk and follow.  I did get off-course once, but quickly found my way back to the trail.  This hike’s reward is at the end when Balance Rock Cove comes into sight.  All I can say is its gorgeous and I’d do it again just for a close up  view of this beautiful waterway.

DSCN4614 (2016_01_28 19_47_06 UTC)

After resting, eating lunch and admiring the view, I decided to take the Blue trail back, because one crack a day is all this regular old grandma can handle.

The Blue trail ascends up, and up, and up, and up….leading you over the saddle of the mountain crack. It’s desolate, but beautiful, with a high perspective of the Colorado river in the distance.  There is limited shade, so summer hikes are definitely out.


This trail was a little more difficult for me.  As a hiker of more leveler ground, the constant ascension sky-ward tired out this old gal.  It’s something I will have to get used to in smaller servings in order to build up my stamina.


Over the saddle

In the end, this was a fantastic hike and one I will do again. The crack really isn’t so bad, someone in better shape could get through easily and although the trail is quite isolated, not once did I feel unsafe.  In fact, the peaceful and tranquil solitude was well appreciated after living in the big city all these years.  I can’t wait to go back–and when my muscles stop aching, I will.





Only Those Who Wander Find New Paths

I’ve tried a few times to post, but with my new internet service (slow), Windows 10 (awful) and this newer version of WP (wtf), I’m losing everything I write. Hopefully this will work.

We’re settling in our new home quite nicely. I’ve been walking/wandering down at the lake almost every day. I deterred from the concreted walking path this morning, descending through bushes and found myself here (feat. photo) at the shore of the lake.

0119160849 (2)

Sandra@Just Regular Folks Wandering


I did a few sun salutations and after assembling a seat from stones, took a seat for a brief meditation.  I tell you, I am one grateful grandma. A few weeks ago I was unhappily sitting in a cubicle at a job that no longer served me and today I get to wander by the water in a beautiful, open desert, thankful to have not only choices, but the courage to change the life that was not working for me.

As the above titled Norwegian proverb states, “Only Those Who Wander Find New Paths” and this regular, old grandma has wandered….