Only Those Who Wander Find New Paths

I’ve tried a few times to post, but with my new internet service (slow), Windows 10 (awful) and this newer version of WP (wtf), I’m losing everything I write. Hopefully this will work.

We’re settling in our new home quite nicely. I’ve been walking/wandering down at the lake almost every day. I deterred from the concreted walking path this morning, descending through bushes and found myself here (feat. photo) at the shore of the lake.

0119160849 (2)

Sandra@Just Regular Folks Wandering


I did a few sun salutations and after assembling a seat from stones, took a seat for a brief meditation.  I tell you, I am one grateful grandma. A few weeks ago I was unhappily sitting in a cubicle at a job that no longer served me and today I get to wander by the water in a beautiful, open desert, thankful to have not only choices, but the courage to change the life that was not working for me.

As the above titled Norwegian proverb states, “Only Those Who Wander Find New Paths” and this regular, old grandma has wandered….




One thought on “Only Those Who Wander Find New Paths

  1. Enchanting photo to accompany the Norwegian proverb. Since you are retired why don’t you consider posting your blog at the Senior Salon? I would love to have you. In any event I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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