Back to SARA Park

Grow where you are planted – Proverbs


I was discussing future travel plans with the hubby (we have none).  It seems we’re both quite content at the present moment to just enjoy life in the desert.  This transplanted Grandma is  blooming just like this Cholla cactus flower.


The Blue trail’s reward

I’m traveling by foot these days, taking advantage of the trails at SARA park before the desert heat sets in.  I can’t get enough of the Blue trail and tend to walk its entirety just for a view of Balance Rock Cove.


Baby, I can see you’re halo

From a never-meant-to-be city girl to a free-spirited grandma wandering the wide open spaces of the desert southwest– I lift my eyes to the sky and see a sign I’m in the right place.

Everywhere I’m looking now… I’m surrounded by your embrace…Baby, I can see your halo… You know you’re my saving grace–Halo by Beyoncé



3 thoughts on “Back to SARA Park

  1. We barely touched the surface on the trails at Sara Park when we stayed at Cattail Cove SP a couple of years ago. Love that area and I can see why you enjoy it so.

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