A Reprieve from the Heat

My beloved is the mountains, And lonely wooded valleys, And resounding rivers, the whistling of love-stirring breezes, The tranquil night, At the time of rising dawn, Silent music, Sounding solitude, The supper that refreshes and deepens love – St. John of the Cross


Just over an hour from home lies a lovely escape from the never-ending, sweltering Lake Havasu summer heat.  Blessings to Ted at Chase Bank for revealing this cooler by 20- degrees oasis to this new-to-the-area grandma.


A couple nights in this cabin at the Hualapai Mountain County Park did this confined and restless Grandma some good! Did I mention the 80+ degree temps?  I’m in heaven.


The park offers over ten miles of trails, with elevations ranging from 4984 to 8417 feet. My sidekick City Boy and I are all set to discover the trails.  We stopped at the Stonestep Overlook, elevation 6,850 feet,  for lunch before heading back down to the cabin.


This girl stopped to check me out as I assessed another cabin (i.e, peeking in the window ).  Imagine my surprise being caught being nosy by a passing elk.


Taking advantage of an early morning wake up.  I truly did not want to go home, back to the 110+ weather. Although I enjoy the desert and its solitude, I’m realizing now that “my beloved is the mountains.”




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