Ain’t it Grand?

I gaze in awe and silence here;  I want to laugh, I find a tear – That irrigates the soul I feel.  O Mother Nature, I would kneel – And clasp and kiss thy mighty hand, And worship in this temple grand.  – Jack Crawford (1847-1917)


 This week the hubby, the grandson and I escaped to the magnificent Grand Canyon for three days of awe, wonder, and exploration. It’s the grandson’s first time and sadly, our RVs last.


Costly words like wood rot, delamination and rebuild, will put our first “Irv” out to pasture. After some temporary repairs, she’s going out in style one last time at the glorious Grand Canyon.


Wednesday morning, we boarded the Orange shuttle and set out to hike the South Kaibab Trail.  It’s my first time descending into the canyon, and who better to explore it with than my favorite hiking buddy, the grandson.


With extreme heat warnings and the knowledge of a steep trek up,  we decided to break  at “Ooh-Ahh” Point then double back.


We reached Ooh-Ahh Point–and yes, the views were phenomenal enough to express a few”oohs and aahs” and even a couple “wows.”


After a snack and a shared Gatorade, we headed back up, heeding some good advice overheard from a dad of two: “take it slow and steady.” And we did.


We made it back to the top of the canyon. I look forward to returning in cooler weather to attempt Cedar Ridge or Skeleton Point, but for now, I’ll enjoy a cushy, air-conditioned seat on the shuttle back to the campground!






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