Sedona: Our Last Adventure

She was actually learning to love Arizona. The beauty and color and solitude, the vastness of it had called to something deep in her. ~Zane Grey, The Water Hole


One last trip before we return the Grandson to his mama. What better way to finish up the summer than a trek to the red rocks of Sedona, AZ.


Backpacks on, we tramped the red dirt for a close-up view of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock. It’s monsoon time and the air is thick with moisture. I’m sure going to miss this boy.


Despite the 70% humidity, we circled the edge of Bell Rock in search of  Vortex energy.  The sky overflowed with Cumulonimbus clouds, parading shapes across the blue.


As we stood beside this congregation of twisted Junipers, we felt energy in our hands. The current was similar to the vortex at Boyton Canyon.


With the temperatures rising and humidity increasing, our water was soon depleted. Time to head back and bid Sedona farewell. This places entices me, but I think I’ll return when the weather is cooler.



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