The Freedom Loving Adventurer

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Freedom-loving adventurer, that’s me!

In addition to hiking, reading is another favorite activity of mine. With July and August temps consistently between 110-120, I’ve spent most of my summer indoors with a book.

Recently, I received an invitation to download a free title from Hay House. I’m open-minded, so for fun, I chose a book on Numerology by Michelle Buchanan. I don’t take this stuff too seriously, but, you never know, right?

One of the alleged benefits of numerology is that it can uncover your destiny and life purpose. After calculating my numbers, I found the results of the Destiny and the Soul Number quite interesting.

Supposedly, the Destiny Number reveals what you are destined to do in this life and who you are destined to become. The Soul Number (or Heart’s Desire) reveals what your soul needs you to be in order to feel complete.

Remarkably, my soul number is a five (5) – a freedom loving adventurer. Hmm, seems I desire freedom and thrive on variety and change. That’s me, alright. I feel my best on a trail, in nature, or traveling and experiencing new places.

Coincidentally, my Destiny Number is a three (3) – a creative self-expressive. Is this a fluke?  I’ve been creative person my whole life, drawing, blogging, and photographing. No wonder I hated my fruitless job – it wasn’t my destiny!

Although Numerology is often considered superstition and a pseudoscience, I got a big kick discovering how my numbers were so relevant to my actual personality. Today, I’ll be a believer and wear that creative, self-expressive, freedom-loving adventure badge proudly!  Just saying…………….


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