Serendipity (n.) – luck that takes the form of finding pleasant things that are not looked for.


I was on my way out of the house a few days ago, when I happened to see this beauty nibbling my Lantana bush.  What makes this event so serendipitous is that the butterfly waited for me to run back into the house and grab my camera, waiting for its close up.

This weekend, I returned to the Hualapai Mountains to take advantage of the trail system and cooler weather.  This morning, I decided to hike down to the Silver Bell Mine. The path was not clearly marked and I  found myself off trail a few times, ready to give up.

I was debating on turning back, when  I was pleasantly “directed” to a little chipmunk sitting dead-on the path. Could this be another example of serendipity?  I continued my hike and stumbled across a small herd of elk – two cows and a bull with very large antlers. My morning was full of surprises.

I never made it to the mine, the elk blocked the path so I returned to the cabin. They’re beautiful creatures, but I’ll admire them from a distance, thank you. If they approach me, I’m out of there!

Sometimes what you’re looking for, comes when you’re not looking at all.” – unknown.