After Christmas Tradition


Left over turkey sandwich, just like mom used to make

While some after Christmas traditions call for a run to the store for goods half-off, my favorite custom is making a sandwich, Audrey-style, with leftover turkey, stuffing, cranberry, lettuce, radishes, butter and mayo. Mm mm…..

It’s been ages since I’ve cooked a Christmas meal. I’ve always been fortunate enough to be a guest of family who love holiday cooking.  Nowadays, those family members are gone and with holiday invitations sparse, we dined at a local hotel for the holiday.

The atmosphere was jolly, we weren’t the only snow-capped seniors out for a meal.  The food was descent and the ample portions granted enough leftovers for a couple turkey sandwiches the following day.

I was blessed to have a mom who not only cooked, but cooked from scratch. So many of our holiday traditions revolved around food – big meals, homemade pies, cookies and desserts only prepared during the season.

The day after Christmas, it was always turkey sandwiches – for breakfast or lunch.  Toasted bread, buttered, and piled with all the left over fixings. Even in my adult years, I would be invited over for a turkey sandwich.

Today, I once again enjoyed a delicious, post-Christmas meal, thankful for little things like leftovers and grateful for the wonderful memories of family and food and traditions worth preserving.

Happy New Year!



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