Thank you, Dad.

I am so thankful that I had a non-aggressive father who treated not only my mother, but all women, with respect and loving affection. I am so grateful I was never exposed to violence in the home, as so many women and children are today.

I know I normally focus on traveling and wandering, but a situation close to home has me concerned how to help someone who really doesn’t want help.

It’s troubling when a woman becomes so anesthetized to the violence in her home that she considers her husband (6′ 2″, 200+ lb.) throwing her 62-year-old disabled mother down on the floor, self-defense.

What upsets me more is no one’s bothered by it.  Not the wife, not the family, not even the police–it’s their normal and it’s sad.

Though he’s no longer here in the physical, I wanted to thank my Dad for being a good role model to me and my sisters and brothers and for making nonviolence our normal.